I started massaging in 2007 which I received my Bowen Therapy certificate from ISBT and following that in 2010 I received my certificate 4 in Massage Therapy from Sage Massage Institute. That’s were Massage Rescue (mobile massage) was established and what makes me continue this path is because I like to educate and work with people with physical problems.

Massage Rescue is dedicated to helping clients maintain their health and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Massage Rescue offers a variety of services, including Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Bowen Therapy – all brought to you!

Attending to those who are looking for a reputable, dependable and convenient mobile massage therapist, Shah at Massage Rescue will look after you.

“I provide exclusive and convenient care for busy people,” he says.

“If you wish to avoid traffic hassles or need for childcare, then home visits are a great way for you to relax without having to leave the comfort of your home.

“I strive to make massage therapy affordable and available by offering a variety of savings options.”

Indulge in a regular weekly or fortnightly massage and Massage Rescue will make sure to assist you with improving your health and wellbeing lifestyle.



Available 7 days

Corporate clients: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

Domestic clients: Monday – Friday from 6pm, Weekends from 10am


Contact Shah on 0409 960 830 or email Shah

Please be aware that I do not answer the phone while I am treating, but will get back to you once free.